Have you ever tried a stay at home vacation?  I mean, not just a long weekend but a full week off from work just to stay at home?  You should try it.

With a stay at home vacation you’ve eliminated the majority of your normal vacation expenses like travel and lodging.  That’s huge and it saves you a bundle.

Not only that, you effectively extend your vacation time since the days you would normally be traveling are now extra vacation days.  Nice!

So now that you have all this time and money, what are you going to do!?

Get a massage.  Try those restaurants you usually don’t want to spend the money on.  Take the kids to a sitter and go out on some dates.  Go to the movie theatre several times.  Rent a sports car for a few days!  Do nothing.  Sleep in.  Order food to go or to be delivered.  The possibilities are endless.

You have so much more control of this situation - so have the week of your life.  You’ll come back from this vacation a lot more rested, and a lot less poor!

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