“Factoring in commuting time and the additional labor of managing a household without a stay-at-home spouse, Americans have never been so busy, nor simplicity so elusive.” David Yount

Attributed to Mark Twain “…work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do, and play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.” David Yount 
“Work is for man, not man for work.” David Yount

“Your purpose in life may be exemplified in the context of your work or in your attitude rather than in the job itself.” David Yount
”Unfortunately we so identify ourselves (and value ourselves) by our daily routines that we feel uneasy with any break
in them.” David Yount
“Avoidance of risk is the greatest risk of all.” Henry Cloud
“Successful people do not hang on to bad stuff for long.” Henry Cloud

Listen to your heart’s desire (dig it up), eliminate negative forces (pull the tooth), choose the future by acting well in the present (play the movie, e.g., where will this take me?), take action and responsibility (do something!), take small steps to victory (act like an ant), hate the right things in the right way (hate well), give back better than you are given(don’t play fair), don’t have a need to be more than you are (be humble), don’t make decisions based on fear of others’ reactions (upset the right people).  Great ideas from 9 Things You Simply MUST DO by Henry Cloud
My great grandfathers had fame for all I know,
Though I met them but once or twice,
A few old pictures are all that remain,
In a box in the shed with the mice

My grandfathers I saw more frequently,
And for me they always took time,
Still I can see their smiling faces,
Etched in this memory of mine

When I was nine or ten one grandfather died,
Then we moved far away,
By the time I saw the other one again,
He could not remember my name

My father the hard worker and little league coach,
Always early to rise, coffee, newspaper,
Who can forget the morning singing,
And how wherever he went, a friend maker?

My father still there when I was grown,
Always stopped by to make sure all is well,
No matter the next town or two states away,
Through ten feet of snow is the story I’ll tell

My life somehow now more busy than ever,
And my visits home ever more tardy,
My father pushing ninety and quietly sitting,
No longer the life of the party

I dread the day when my father is gone,
The last of the generation before,
He will be remembered the rest of my life,
And his memory the grandkids will adore

Soon I’ll be the old man at the family reunions,
My great grandkids to meet once or twice,
And after a few short years, all that I have done,
In a box in the shed with the mice

--Daniel Minteer
Although we do a lot of talking about money in our book, Boiled Down Money Goo, we don’t believe that life is ultimately about it.  Having enough investments to justify hiring a personal investment adviser does not mean that someone has “arrived.”  That’s just not the case.  There are a lot of rich and miserable millionaires in the world.  A life without vision is not improved with money.  Consider this baked madness

A customer once approached the owner of a small bakery about “improving” the business.  His fresh baked breads were amazing.  With good credit he could borrow and establish a franchise.  Then he could have it all—a custom house, flashier car, and a jaw-dropping income.  Eventually the baker could sell the bakery franchise, retire, and then do whatever he liked.

The baker just shook his head and replied, “I can do everything I want to now.  Expanding the business would require working more days and hours, so when would I find time for what’s important?  If anything, I’m cutting back even more on work hours, since my kids will be grown soon and I promised the wife that we’d travel more.  I don’t love money as much as I do my family."

So figure out what truly sets your heart free and make that happen.  Don’t let anything waylay your dreams.  That’s why it’s important to get the money thing right – it’s a handy tool to reach your goals.  No matter your net worth, only when you’re living your dream will you have a truly rich life.

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