Although we do a lot of talking about money in our book, Boiled Down Money Goo, we don’t believe that life is ultimately about it.  Having enough investments to justify hiring a personal investment adviser does not mean that someone has “arrived.”  That’s just not the case.  There are a lot of rich and miserable millionaires in the world.  A life without vision is not improved with money.  Consider this baked madness

A customer once approached the owner of a small bakery about “improving” the business.  His fresh baked breads were amazing.  With good credit he could borrow and establish a franchise.  Then he could have it all—a custom house, flashier car, and a jaw-dropping income.  Eventually the baker could sell the bakery franchise, retire, and then do whatever he liked.

The baker just shook his head and replied, “I can do everything I want to now.  Expanding the business would require working more days and hours, so when would I find time for what’s important?  If anything, I’m cutting back even more on work hours, since my kids will be grown soon and I promised the wife that we’d travel more.  I don’t love money as much as I do my family."

So figure out what truly sets your heart free and make that happen.  Don’t let anything waylay your dreams.  That’s why it’s important to get the money thing right – it’s a handy tool to reach your goals.  No matter your net worth, only when you’re living your dream will you have a truly rich life.

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